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Take a wonderful massage and multiply it by 3!


Get started or get further with arm-balancing!

Four Steps To Schedule A Private Lesson With Yogabatics

1. Why Private Lesson? (click here)
2. Pricing: you-only or bring up to 5 friends! (click here for rates & discounts)
3. Reminder: To complete your request, remember to purchase your private lesson(s) on our online store after finishing the form below.
4. Fill Out The Below Form


Why Private Lessons?

Private sessions are the BEST WAY to get THE MOST out of your time, and we cannot emphasize them more!
For beginner to advanced and any schedule.

Level-up your practice, get a great workout, or experience probably the best bodywork (aka massage) of your life!

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You or You+Friend(s)?
Your private session can be just for you or include up to 5 of your friends without the price increasing.
The more people the private session includes the less material can be covered.
**AcroYoga Therapy Private Sessions may only include you.

***$1/mile is added for lessons that are too far out of Austin City Limits.


45 minutes.......$ $15 per lesson with a 5-Lesson-Pack!
1hr....................$ $20 per lesson with a 5-Lesson-Pack!
1.5hr.................$ $20 per lesson with a 5-Lesson-Pack!
2hrs..................$ $20 per lesson with a 5-Lesson-Pack!

5-Lesson-Packs provide a fuller experience.  Schedule them for the same times each week, and you'll be amazed with your progress. 
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