About Us & Video

About Yogabatics

Yogabatics is an an acro-yoga teaching & performance company with its DNA firmly rooted in community.  Yogabatics provides individual and group instruction and acro-yoga performance.  Yogabatics Teaching Staff  absolutely love acroyoga!

What is Acro Yoga?

Acro Yoga, is short for acrobatic yoga and blends the wisdom of yoga, the dynamic power of acrobatics, and the loving kindness of the healing arts. These three lineages form the foundation of a practice that cultivates trust, playfulness, and community.  Grant’s favorite description is, “it’s like break-dancing on someone else’s feet!”.  This art has become an explosive addiction across not only Austin but cities around the world.  Its practice ranges between gradients of action-packed acrobatics, meditative yoga poses, and restorative therapeutics.  Try it out- you'll be glad you did!

Yogabatics: 10-part AcroYoga Instructional Video Series

In effort to spread and support the tidal-wave of interest in acroyoga across the world, Yogabatics has put out a self-titled video series for free online. Whether you have never done acroyoga or you are wanting to touch-up your skills, this video series is for you!  Click here to watch the series.